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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you run accounts?

No, Payment must be received before any action is taken.

Can I have a better price?

No, Our staff are paid well to do a good job. Any leaflet delivery business that offers very cheap prices for doing a lot of work will not do the job properly.

Do you deliver leaflets on a shared distribution?

Yes, we can offer a once per month service, please see our shared plan page

How long does it take to deliver 1000 leaflets

Anywhere between 4-6 man hours is the norm, but, take the logistics and weather into account. Is there an area where the driveways are longer? How many times do the team have to jump back in the vehicles to move to another area? Steep hills that slow the team down (Torbay is built on seven of them!). Also the one thing no client thinks about, toilets!! If the team is working away from a main shopping area and someone needs the loo, it can hold us up. One more thing to consider is the weather, the team are not allowed to deliver in the rain. No one wants a soggy mess on the doormat when they return home and with all the best intentions, the leaflets do get wet when transferring between the bag and the letterbox even if it is just from wet hands.

Do you take credit cards?

We do use Paypal if you want to pay by card, but we prefer bank transfer if possible to cut down on charges.

We have software that states the amount of letterboxes are much higher than you show

Highly probable, we are constantly adjusting our delivery routes and how many letterboxes we can deliver to. Remember, we do not deliver to any home with a sticker requesting no unaddressed mail, distance between homes etc. For those that know Torquay, it would take more than four times longer to deliver to Wellswood than most other areas. We could charge four times the amount but we know what the answer would be :)

Do you do design and print?

We can help with basic design or outsource to a graphic designer. We can also have your leaflets printed at very competitive prices

Examples of our Print Prices A5 135gsm Double Sided Print

5000 £88.20

10000 £148.40

15000 £205.80

20000 £261.80

25000 £317.80

It doesn't get much better than this!